About Us

CITYterm is a once in a lifetime opportunity for academically motivated students to spend 16 weeks fully engaged in learning about themselves and New York City. At CITYterm, students meet authors, Broadway directors, architects, artists, city officials, historians and urban planners. Over the course of a single semester, CITYterm students become completely immersed in learning about New York City and about themselves. At CITYterm, students gain the confidence and skills to embark upon new adventures at home, in college and beyond. 

CITYterm is...

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  • A Semester School

    CITYterm is an intensive, experience-based semester school for high school juniors and seniors. Students come from independent, public, and charter schools across the country and around the world. CITYterm accepts thirty students to attend each semester - Fall or Spring - every year. CITYterm is a member of the Semester School Network and is accredited through The Masters School.
  • A Learning Community

    CITYterm brings 30 students and 12 faculty members together to create a close-knit, intentional learning community.  CITYterm students and 7 residential faculty live on a gorgeous 96 acre campus at The Masters School and form connections that will last a lifetime.
  • Experienced-Based

    We believe that the most profound learning takes place when it is rooted in experience. Students spend every other day in New York City linking their classroom work to the endless array of opportunities available.
  • Interdisciplinary

    With a shared text of New York City, CITYterm's three-course Urban Core curriculum is fully interdisciplinary. The Urban Core is comprised of honors-level History, English and Urban Environments of New York City -- taught as an interdisciplinary course. Students design projects that explore complicated questions from a variety of angles.
  • Authentic

    Learning at CITYterm is based on authentic experience. Our students recognize that learning can happen on any city trip, and that the best learning might include a seminar featuring a novelist or a poet, a meeting with an architectural historian, a dinner with a homeless person, an afternoon giving a neighborhood walking tour, or a night at the theater. At CITYterm, learning is connected and relevant to each learner and to the world.
  • Keeping You On Track

    In addition to the Urban Core, you can enroll in a wide range of additional course offerings. At CITYterm will you receive credit for the three Urban Core classes and for the math, science and language courses you take. Students return to their home school on track for graduation and college.
  • Student-Centered

    CITYterm teachers will learn alongside students. At CITYterm, the faculty goal is to empower students to see themselves as the authors of their own learning experiences. Through regular feedback and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in New York City, CITYterm's curriculum moves students towards increased academic independence; ultimately students have more and more opportunities to design projects. Through these projects, students develop a wide range of skills from reading and writing to active inquiry, critical thinking, and team leadership. The collaborative environment encourages students to embrace dialogue, listen, question, and try out new ideas.

CITYterm at The Masters School

49 Clinton Avenue 
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Tel. (914) 479-6502