CITYterm's Closing

In May of 2019, the Masters School’s head of school, Laura Danforth, and chair of the board of trustees, Edith Chapin, announced the board’s decision to close CITYterm at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.
A portion of their announcement is included here:
The high cost of operation, combined with a challenging enrollment landscape over the last several years, has made the program unsustainable for The Masters School. We recognize the dedication of the CITYterm faculty, the transformational experience the program has consistently delivered for its students, and the tight-knit community that has formed over more than two decades.
We take this opportunity to underscore the program’s impact and the greater purpose it has served in our community and in the world of education. Since its launch in 1996, CITYterm has offered a unique and progressive approach to education that positioned it as one of the leading semester programs in the country.
While the CITYterm community is deeply saddened by this difficult news, we feel tremendous pride in our accomplishments as a program: the transformational experience that over 1200 CITYterm alums have had during their short time with us in New York, the ways that we have been able to share our approach to transformational experience-based learning with other schools around the world, and the strong community that we have built.
Throughout its history, CITYterm has been committed to providing students with a kind of learning that puts their exploration at the center of their experience—a different way of experiencing school that invites them to be the authors of their own learning.
Thank you to all who have been a part of this 24-year journey!
Alumni and friends of the community are invited to join us for our Closing Celebration and Reunion on June 12, 2021 at CITYterm.

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