CITYterm at The Masters School was founded in 1996. Our mission is to encourage students to engage fully in learning and thinking for themselves, about themselves, and about who and what is beyond themselves. Our goal is for students to leave CITYterm with the intellectual tools they need to understand and express the complexity of New York City, as well as the emotional and social tools to participate constructively in their community.

At CITYterm, we believe that the most profound learning takes place when it is rooted in experience. Our students recognize that learning can happen on any city trip, and that the best instruction does not culminate in an exam but with a seminar featuring a novelist or a poet, a meeting with an architectural historian, a dinner with a homeless person, an afternoon giving a neighborhood walking tour, or a night at the theater. The academic projects built around these experiences push students to develop a wide range of skills, from reading and writing to active inquiry, critical thinking and team leadership. The collaborative environment encourages students to embrace dialogue, listen, question, and try out their ideas.
CITYterm made me the best version of myself. The classes, especially when you are in the city, force you to step outside your comfort zone and take big risks. My confidence has grown here and I now think I can accomplish anything.
Germantown Friends School 2015
New York University 2019

CITYterm at The Masters School

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