Who Applies?

Is CITYterm for you?

  • Do you want to immerse yourself in reading, writing, thinking, and questioning?
  • Do you enjoy exploring your ideas and new ways of thinking with teachers and friends?
  • Do you welcome the challenges and responsibilities of urban living?
  • Are you ready to engage with others in the CITYterm community and interact with the widest variety of people in New York City?
CITYterm appeals to a wide variety of students: from athletes and artists, thinkers and thespians, to anyone who is eager to learn and grow in dialogue with the world’s most exciting and complex city. Even though there is no typical CITYterm student, all of our students are intellectually curious, passionate about living and learning in community with others, and interested in engaging with the stories and lived experiences of others from a wide variety of backgrounds. CITYterm is committed to diversity in its broadest definition; students from all hometowns, high schools, and experiences are encouraged to apply.
A semester at CITYterm is truly a once in a lifetime experience. In four months you will learn, explore, and know New York City in more depth than you ever thought you could. But CITYterm is about more than the city. CITYterm is about taking ownership over your own learning by participating in small class discussions, collaborating with engaged students from across the country and working closely with caring, innovative teachers. At CITYterm, you will practice leadership skills as well as critical thinking and writing skills that are invaluable in college and beyond. Along the way, you will build lifelong connections with fellow students and teachers alike. After a semester at CITYterm, there are limitless opportunities to shape who you are as a person, learner, and thinker.

CITYterm at The Masters School

49 Clinton Avenue 
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Tel. (914) 479-6502