After a semester in New York, CITYterm alums span the globe to discover new passions and engage with unique communities. Each month, we’ll highlight one of those alumni here and share the story of a student’s experience after CITYterm. Do you know an alumnus who would be great for such a spotlight? Please email Manyata Berbick to let us know.

Corey Briskin S'05

CITYterm - Spring 2005
Hopkins School - 2006
Tufts University - 2010

Brooklyn Law School- 2013 (Juris Doctor)

After finishing my semester at CITYterm, I returned to Hopkins School in New Haven, CT, for my senior year. The culture shock I felt upon my return was much more extreme than I had anticipated it would be. Once the school year began, it did not take long before the college application craze was in full swing. The competition was palpable. I watched my classmates sweat bullets as they awaited their decision letters, yet I felt surprisingly calm. I had become so accustomed to the non-competitive mindset that CITYterm had instilled in me that I refused to allow my college admissions process to overwhelm me as it did my classmates. Instead, I committed myself to finding a school that would foster my personal growth. I ultimately decided on Tufts, and I am so glad that I did. I was met there by so many opportunities for intellectual exploration, just as I had been at CITYterm. Most notably, I spent the first half of my junior year in Cape Town and the second in Paris. Living abroad in two cities that were previously unfamiliar to me, I was presented with many of the same challenges that I faced four years earlier during my semester in Dobbs. While at CITYterm, I made every effort to engage as intimately as I possibly could with New York City, the city I now call “home.” Using the skills I honed at CITYterm, I succeeded in fully immersing myself in the two cities I called “home” during my year abroad. Upon my return to Tufts for my senior year, I felt empowered to embark upon the next chapter of my life.

For the past four years, I have worked as an assistant district attorney. I spent the first three years of my career at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office before I was hired by the District Attorney’s in Manhattan. As a prosecutor, I am faced with new challenges each day. No two cases are alike, so every day is a new and different adventure. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found work that has not ceased to challenge and excite me since I the day I started.

Until recently, I commuted from my home in Brooklyn out to my office on Long Island day in and day out. Regrettably, the commute and the long hours I spent at work each day prevented me from spending much time exploring New York City. Now that I am working in Manhattan, however, I am making up for lost time. In true CITYterm fashion, I challenge myself to explore new areas of the city as often as I can. In the past few months, I have explored areas of the city that I never knew existed on foot, by bike and even by boat.

Over a decade has passed since my CITYterm graduation. In that time, I have completed high school, college and law school. I have gotten married and begun a career. I am proud of these accomplishments, and I look forward to all that life still has in store for me. One of the many important lessons that I learned during CITYterm is that with each new life experience comes personal growth and improvement. Over time, I have continued to explore this lesson further and to test its truth. As I reflect upon the years that have passed since CITYterm, I can see how my experiences have shaped the person I have become.

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