College Process

CITYterm partners with The Masters School's Office of College Counseling to provide support to our seniors. Please note that this college counseling is available on a supplemental basis, since many of our students choose to continue working with their college counselors from their home schools. CITYterm faculty also support students in thinking about the college process. Additionally, all students may take SAT, ACT, and AP exams on national testing dates at either The Masters School or local area high schools. 


Juniors at CITYterm take the PSATs (Fall) and sit for AP exams (Spring) at The Masters School. Juniors also partake in College Day during the spring semester.


Seniors collaborate with the CITYterm faculty and the college counseling offices at their sending schools to select colleges and complete applications based on the sending school’s application timeline. Support is also available from The Masters School Office of College Counseling. 

College Visits and Alumni Connections

We encourage students to use vacations and breaks from CITYterm to do college touring in our area. If a student wishes to visit a New York City college or university during the program, we can support them in this endeavor so long as it does not conflict with the CITYterm schedule. We can also connect students with CITYterm alumni who are currently studying in New York City.

I can think of no better preparation for college, both academically and personally, than a semester at CITYterm. A CITYterm graduate appeals to universities, and subsequently succeeds during their college tenure, because of their proven ability to expand their worldview through an experiential learning process that encourages personal development unparalleled in any other setting. A student who succeeds at CITYterm will undoubtedly be the type of person who arrives on a college campus ready to explore, question, and experience.

ZOE CARTER, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Boston University
Students who have gone through the CITYterm program develop an extraordinary sense of maturity, motivation, and self-awareness.  Their time at CITYterm enables them to talk about themselves and what they want in a learning environment in their college applications and in college classrooms in a way that separates them from other students.  They have learned how to learn.

THYRA BRIGGS, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid, Harvey Mudd College
CITYterm was amazing in different ways for each of our kids. For our daughter, it helped mold her into who she already was becoming; for our son, I believe it opened his eyes to a world full of possibilities.  I can honestly say that CITYterm is absolutely life changing in its capability to transform the way kids think.

STACIE HALPERN, CITYterm Parent Fall 2012, Spring 2015

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