For Seniors

Many students participate in CITYterm during their senior year.  It is possible to balance the college process and attending a semester school with the right planning and initiative!  

We recommend that those students who do not have a formal college advising system in place through their home school receive Full Counseling here at CITYterm.

College Advising

Fall semester seniors respond to the questions below the summer before arriving at CITYterm:

Please indicate the level of partnership in college advising that you would like while at CITYterm:
  • Full Counseling – I will not be working with a college advisor from my home school, and would like to receive full counseling support through The Masters School.
  • Limited Support – I have an advisor at home, but would like to check in with The Masters School’s College Office to ensure I am on track.
  • Home Counseling Only – I will work exclusively with my college advisor from my home school or on my own.

Preparation for Limited or Full College Counseling at CITYterm

If you have selected Full Counseling or Limited Support, please respond to the following questions and return a printed copy of the responses with this form to the CITYterm office by August 1st
  1. Would you like help forming a college list?
  2. What are the important factors in your college selection (size, location, major, etc.)?
  3. Do you have a college major in mind? Would you like help in determining options? Would you like to take a personality inventory in conjunction with this type of exploration?
  4. What other activities would you like to pursue while in college?
  5. What colleges have you considered/visited? What are your impressions of each?
  6. Which of these schools accept the Common Application?
  7. What are your scores for the PSAT/SAT I (Critical Reading, Math, Writing); any SAT IIs; or the ACT? (If you have not taken these tests, when do you plan to?)

Before Arriving at CITYterm

Make sure that you have completed a draft of the Common Application. You can begin working on this online after June 30th. Also, if you intend to apply Early Decision or Early Action, please make sure you have done the following before coming to CITYterm:
  • Completed a draft of the Common Application
  • Requested recommendations from teachers at your home school
  • Arranged for your transcript and scores to be sent to the appropriate school(s)
The first few weeks of our curriculum are quite intense, and our schedule will not leave much extra time for a last minute Early Decision/Early Action scramble. 

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