Leaves and Permissions

The vast majority of CITYterm students stay in the dorm every weekend.

However, on any open weekend, students may request a leave to visit family or friends. Students are free to leave after 4pm on Saturday and must return to CITYterm in time for Sunday dinner at 6pm.

While students are free to request weekend leave as often as they like, CITYterm is a program built on living in community and exploring the city together, so we ask students to balance weekends away with investing in the CITYterm community. Please note that as CITYterm fully utilizes the 16 short weeks of the semester, we are unable to accommodate special requests for early departures and late returns from vacations.

Process for Requesting a Leave:

It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate their own leave requests. Tell us what your plan is by email. (You will receive an email at the beginning of the semester letting you know what info we need.) 

Phase I:  by 11pm on Wednesday night
  • Email your leave sheet (including travel itinerary, dates and times, host information, etc.) to permissions@cityterm.org.
  • Carbon copy (cc) your parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and your adult host (if you are not staying with your parents.)
Phase II:  by 11am on Thursday
  • Make sure that your parent(s) reply to permissions@cityterm.org with explicit written permission about the details of your leave plan.  This includes confirmation of permission to travel alone, all host information, as well as date, time, and duration of leave.
  • If you are not staying with your parents, make sure that your adult host (over 18 years of age) has replied to permissions@cityterm.org with explicit written permission about the details of your leave plan (see above).
Phase III:  by 5PM on Thursday
  • CITYterm faculty will confirm approval on the duty bulletin board. You are responsible for making sure all of your information is in and confirmed.
Phase IV:  Your Leave!
  • Check out face-to-face with the faculty member on duty.
  • You must return by 6pm on Sunday, check in face-to-face with the faculty member on duty immediately upon your return.
  • Call the duty phone if unexpected problems arise or if your arrival time needs to change.  

Closed Weekends

Closed weekends take place at both the beginning and end of the semester.  They are designed to help us create our integrated life of living and learning in a community.  On closed weekends, we expect students to stay in the dormitory on both Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday nights and Sundays during a closed weekend, students are encouraged to use their open time to build relationships with CITYterm friends in the city and in Dobbs Ferry. Weekend leave permissions—even for day trips—will not be permitted.

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