Major Policies

Expectations: Creating a Culture of Learning

CITYterm’s experience-based approach to learning and thinking hinges on immersion, initiative, integration, and inclusion.
  • Engaging fully in learning and thinking means immersing yourself in both pursuits.
  • It means initiating your own learning and thinking, not waiting for something else to prompt or guide you.
  • It means, wherever you are – campus or city, classroom or dorm – working actively at integrating the elements of your experience, understanding that they are all “curriculum,” and therefore all parts of your life to consider carefully in order to know yourself better and become a more powerful learner.
  • It means expanding your opportunities for growth by actively including all of the people around you in your learning and being available to them as well.

Major Policies

CITYterm aims to support and challenge students. As we do so, we hold each other to the highest of expectations in all facets of community life. 

As a member of the CITYterm community, students are expected to:
  • Fulfill all academic and community obligations.
  • Take responsibility for their own learning and actions.
  • Act with thoughtfulness toward others; engage in no behavior that is illegal, antisocial, unsafe, or destructive.
The following behaviors at CITYterm, on or off campus (including in New York City), will result in immediate dismissal from CITYterm:
  • The possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs (or paraphernalia), including unauthorized prescription medication
  • The possession, use, or sale of alcohol
  • Behavior or threat of behavior that endangers yourself or others, including possession of a weapon
The following behaviors at CITYterm, on or off campus, may result in dismissal or suspension:
  • Lying and/or stealing
  • Violating whereabouts procedures 
  • The possession, use, or sale of tobacco products (on or off campus, including New York City)
  • Academic dishonesty

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