New York City Safety

Protecting Students’ Health and Safety

CITYterm’s home base, The Masters School, is an established boarding school that supports CITYterm with on-call residential faculty, an athletic trainer, a full-time nurse, and an after-hours EMT team.
New York City is the only city in the United States to make the top 10 safest cities list in The Economist's Safe Cities Index 2015.
In addition, CITYterm adheres to the following safety procedures in New York City:
  • Students travel in groups with teachers until they can navigate safely. Then, students travel in groups of three or more. They are rarely allowed to travel alone while in New York and only with parent permission. Students create detailed, written itineraries before each trip to New York City that are reviewed and approved by the faculty.
  • Faculty members always know the whereabouts of students and never allow them to venture into parts of the city considered unsafe.
  • There is always a CITYterm faculty member on duty in the dorm and in New York City.

CITYterm at The Masters School

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Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Tel. (914) 479-6502