CITYterm Experience
At CITYterm, each student is enrolled in the Urban Core, our interdisciplinary core curriculum.  In addition, students can take up to two additional courses from a wide range of offerings.  

Due to the intensity of the Urban Core curriculum, students may not take more than five classes total; this includes online classes and independent studies conducted through on or off-site tutoring. 

Urban Core

Everyone enrolls in the Urban Core, our signature interdisciplinary curriculum. The Urban Core is taught through individual and collaborative, experiential projects. Students engage in an intense, six-day a week curriculum (3 days a week in New York City and 3 days a week in small, seminar-style classes).

Urban Core
Literature of New York City (Honors)
History of New York City (Honors)
Urban Environments of New York City (Honors)

Mathematics, Language, Science and U.S. History

Students choose no more than TWO additional courses from the list below.

List of 4 items.

  • Languages


    ❒ Spanish III
    ❒ Spanish IV
    ❒ Spanish V
    ❒ AP Spanish (Limited Enrollment*)

    ❒ French III
    ❒ French IV
    ❒ French V
    ❒ AP French (Limited Enrollment*)

  • Mathematics

    ❒ Algebra II with Trigonometry
    ❒ Advanced Functions (for those not going on to Calculus the following year)
    ❒ Probability and Statistics
    ❒ Pre-Calculus
    ❒ AB Calculus (for those taking the AP exam in May 2016)
    ❒ BC Calculus (for those taking the AP exam in May 2016)
  • Science

    ❒ Physics (Limited Enrollment*)
    ❒ Chemistry (Limited Enrollment*)
  • United States History

    ❒ U.S. History (Availability based on enrollment needs**)   
    ❒ Advanced (AP-level) U.S. History (Availability based on enrollment needs**)  
    Note: Regular and AP U.S. History will be taught as one section.  Students may not take this course instead of the Urban Core’s History of New York City. Students who wish to enroll in AP U.S. History will complete additional course work to stay on track with the AP curriculum.  This course will be taught by CITYterm teachers.  Enrollment is limited to 10 or fewer students.

    * This course is taught at The Masters School.  Enrollment is limited.  Space in this course will be given on a first come, first serve basis based on the date this form is returned.
    ** CITYterm offers this course contingent on student enrollment.

CITYterm at The Masters School

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