Urban Core

Brooklyn Bridge Project

Spend a week engaged in an interdisciplinary exploration of an iconic structure. Create a product — a poem, a calculus equation, a short film or something entirely different — that expresses your understanding of the Brooklyn Bridge using the medium of your choice.

  • Explore the cultural, historical and political implications of the Brooklyn Bridge through eight diverse seminars
  • Discover the intricacies of the bridge during multiple CITYtrips
  • Design your understanding of the Brooklyn Bridge for CITYterm’s Exhibition Night
  • View the work of others during Exhibition Night to deepen your understanding
When walking along the Brooklyn Bridge, I thought it would be hard to capture everything I saw and felt in one cohesive project. But when I got started, it was just like a chain, each link connected one by one until it all became clear to me.
Palmer Trinity School 2013
Florida International University 2017

Sample Student Work

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