Integrated Living & Learning

A semester at CITYterm affords students the opportunity to build a community of learners. Participants come from across the country, each bringing a unique combination of experiences, interests and skills. Working in collaboration, students and faculty form a community that values individual differences and supports collective growth. With inclusivity and immersion in the group experience as a foundation, CITYterm students build life-long relationships with one another and the faculty.

Being part of the CITYterm community—by flipping pancakes together on Breakfast Crew, by navigating the New York City subway system or by working together to design the ideal public park—is a rewarding experience. CITYterm’s strong community has a positive effect on each student’s social, emotional, and intellectual experience.
CITYterm brought me something new every day — a question, a learning tactic, a building, a challenge — and a group of some of the most interesting and engaging people I have ever met to experience it with.
ANDREA ZHU, Spring 2012
The Winsor School 2013
Columbia University 2017

CITYterm at The Masters School

49 Clinton Avenue 
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Tel. (914) 479-6502