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TFE Workshop Testimonials

Since 2005, over 170 teachers have participated in the workshop!

Thoughts from past participants:

"Teaching for Experience was among the most meaningful professional experiences of my career. The week included a remarkable range of work, from exploring what we mean when we speak of "learning" to trying out practical paradigms for improving lesson plans. Both leaders and my colleagues from other schools challenged me to think about education in a new model."

Patty Hager, Former Academic Dean, Concord Academy

"TFE is an intensive exploration of how to empower students to become authors of their own learning. The conversations and activities foster and deepen both professional relationships and friendships...After returning from TFE we were energized and inspired to experiment during the school year, and our students' successes were directly related to TFE."

Kate Smith & Wynell Henson, Esperanza Charter School

"The Teaching for Experience workshop opened my eyes to what it means to really be present to learn. I knew that my students needed to experience what it felt like to be a mathematician to really understand mathematics, but what TFE did for me was help me recognize what what it meant by 'experience' is really being fully present in what you are doing...At every moment our students have the opportunity to be present with their own learning, and TFE showed me that it is my responsibility to help facilitate this for my students."

Jim Wysocki, Catlin Gable School

"Teaching for Experience wasn't instructional. It didn't give me directions on how to give my students directions. Instead, it was a transformational experience that opened my eyes to how my class can be the sort of environment where deep learning occurs; where students don't just read authors, they become authors."

Christopher Arbor, Asheville School

"The idea of 'doing' as a way of not only teaching, but as a way of living was like a cool breeze in the midst of a hot Oklahoma summer. After TFE, I began noticing "how" and "why" my students thought the way they did, instead of focusing on "what" they thought. The practice of empathy--for my students, my discipline, and those I surrounded myself with--opened up new pathways for me."

Chris Cook, Riverfield Country Day School

"My time at TFE continues to percolate in my system and seeps into my thinking almost daily...years later. The most immediate takeaways were a new focus on strengths-based teaching and learning, a willingness to let go of what wasn't serving me in my teaching (or my students in their learning), and an increased desire to collaborate and design experience-based curriculum to facilitate deep learning...It was/is, without a doubt, the most powerful, influential, and best professional development experience I have ever had."

Jane Beckwith, Holland Hall

"Often even the best professional development does not have a lasting impact on one's work. We learn something, try it for a year and move on to something else. That is not the case with Teaching for Experience. The ideas I was exposed to at TFE continue to penetrate my work and how I think about education."

Dorothy Moulthrop, Hawken School

"TFE was an eye-opening experience...taking the classroom into NYC to practice experiential study was exhilarating, and it showed the power of creating meaningful, goal-based experiences for students."

Amy Neilson, Miss Porters School

"I needed this workshop! I was at a point in my teaching where I was trying to integrate more questions and more experiences in my classes and wasn't sure how to do it. I couldn't even articulate what I was trying to do, but [TFE] made sense of it all. Not only was I challenged to think about my teaching in a different way, but I was able to participate in learning in a different way!"

Liz Foley, Sayre School

"The best part about TFE was that it encouraged me to keep exploring ideas, skills, and goals that I already cared about while completely flipping the paradigm on much of what I thought was globally relevant education. And of course giving the educators to opportunity to live the student experience is a total blast!"

Chad Detloff, Chadwick School

"Spending a week reflecting on the possibilities for enlivening my students' experience, I found myself delighted and challenged by our sessions together. My own lively engagement in TFE helped me re-define my goals as a teacher. The "magic" of the program is its ability to remind us of the inherent joy in deep, experiential learning."

Jason Hult, CITYterm at The Masters School

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