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When I reflect on the adventures I had during high school, one exploit grabs my memory and heartstrings with such force: CITYterm. My semester away is my favorite lived experience and more than that it unearthed my intellectual, social, and explorative capacity. CITYterm completely demolished my idea of what school should be, and created instead a space for dialogue, a refreshing think lab. CITYterm changed my worldview to a more inclusive dynamic. I thought of myself not only as an American or Nigerian, but also as a global citizen. When we studied ethic enclaves in Flushing and Harlem, I realized life ought to be lived in service and in context with others. When we delivered food during Midnight Run, I understood that empathy is a trait of the brave and for people who accept the humanity of others. When we trekked to Brooklyn for the Waterfront Project, it dawned on me that time is measured by change and that we must sustain communal responsibilities.

These insights have rippled into my academics, my college essays, and my daily conversations. To be given the opportunity to understand - and strategize for - the ways in which you take advantage of your cognitive process and the ways in which you regard the world is amazing. I cherish my months in New York and realize that they were a gift. My gratitude extends beyond my parents’ willingness to let go, beyond the CITYterm faculty who gave incredible literary feedback, beyond the students of Fall ’12 who grew and developed with me, and beyond the constant lights of New York that shone as we rode the Metro North. My gratitude extends to so many. I know that this opportunity would not have been possible without financial aid. Thank you to everyone who has supported CITYterm and made it possible for students like me to be a part of it.

If you haven’t had a chance to, I asked that you give, so this experience can become a reality for others. I benefitted so much, experienced so many philosophical changes, and learned to question and to explore beyond conventional norms; CITYterm has guided and placed value in me.

Thank You,


Oluwayemisi Olorunwunmi Fall ’12
Milton Academy ’13
Columbia University ’17

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