Metacognition & Authentic Assessment

Learning to Be Metacognitive

We believe that one of the primary ways to become the "author of your own learning" (someone who is crafting a life filled with opportunities for deep learning), is to be more metacognitive, to think more about thinking.  CITYterm students practice being metacognitive by becoming keen observers of their own cognitive processes and strengths.  Through practice, frequent self-assessment and feedback from peers, teachers and others, student can and build strength in this area.  

Authentic Assessment

The overall goal of assessment is to provide feedback aimed at growth.  To this end, assignments in the Urban Core are not grades, rather students recieve feedback in a variety of ways, including written and verbal feedback from teachers, peers and experts in a wide variety of fields and disciplines.

CITYterm uses a portfolio process, in which students' work is collected in a publicly available folder in one of our classrooms.  Over the course of the term, students can reflect on the work they have produced and consider the ways in which that work has evolve.  The portfolio is the basis for on-going conversations between students and advisors.

At multiple points during the semester, students complete a Skills Assessment Checklist.  The checklist is the foundation for our curricular design and the starting point for on-going conversations about metacognition.

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