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Doc Wilson to Retire at the as Head of School
Posted 02/04/2016 01:49PM

On Tuesday, November 10th, we all gathered in the Great Hall for a special morning meeting. No one knew what would occur that day, but by the time we all walked out we all had different thoughts on our school and its future. Doc, our head of school, announced that he was going to retire at the end of the school year. This news came as a shock for all of us, and was very unexpected.

We have to think about Doc’s past, and all the great things he has done for our Middle School, rather than what is to come. I think we all agree that Doc was an amazing part of this school and is a fantastic role-model and person to be around.

Doc has been a person that I have developed a great relationship with, in the three years that I have known him, and he has been a fantastic person to learn from, and share humor and ideas with. Sometimes many people fear their head of school, and think of them as a very intimidating person, but Doc is the complete opposite of that. Everyone, teacher or student, in this school, has a personal relationship with him, which I think is something we will continue to celebrate.

Over the twenty years that Doc has been at this school, he has personally touched each and every one of his colleagues and students individually, and also shared important ideas with everyone at the Masters School. He has made many changes to our environment and culture over the years, all of which have been very beneficial. Doc is someone who we all will have wonderful memories of and are ones that we will never forget.

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