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5th Grade Swims in the Fonseca Center
Posted 02/04/2016 01:59PM

In the past few weeks the 5th grade has been going to the Fonseca Center for their Gym classes. They have been perfecting their swimming strokes and learning various tips. During the weeks the 5th grade has been working on backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke, with Friday’s being their “Fun Friday”. The 5th grade has the responsibility to walk straight to the Fonseca Center and go directly to the locker rooms, and then go right on to the pool, all with no supervision. This is a big privilege. The 5th grade really enjoyed it.

An Interview with Alexander Nappo about Swimming

By: Hanna Schiciano

Hanna: What was your favorite stroke to do and why?

Alexander: Breaststroke, because it was a calm stroke and I was really fast at it.

Hanna: Was the experience hard, being on time, etc.?

Alexander: No, but if your fooling around you won’t be productive, and you might not be on time for class.

Hanna: Why did you Free Swim Friday?

Alexander: You get a break from instructional swim, and you get to play around with your friends.

Hanna: Do you think the instruction was very good?

Alexander: Yes, because this is a very high level school, with very advanced coaching.

Hanna: Do you think the time that was given was enough time for your swimming class?

Alexander: It’s a decent amount, there could be more time some days and less time on other days, but over all it’s enough!

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