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A Dream Realized
Posted 04/15/2016 04:00PM

From the time she was in middle school, Estherwood Society member Nicole Pilevsky ’83 wanted to be a doctor. Though she had a clear goal in mind, her path to achieving it—which she did—was “slightly less direct.” She will also tell you that her two years at Dobbs were integral to helping her realize her life’s dream.

“I came my junior year from a large high school in Brooklyn,” Nicole shared. “There was definitely an adjustment period for me. The first few months were hard.” Nicole’s father became ill and passed away the summer before she started at Masters which added to the stress of being at a new school and away from home.

“Having lost my father, I came to rely heavily on the support system I had at Dobbs. My dorm mates, my friends, my teachers—especially Betsy Turner, my English teacher—were there for me in extraordinary ways. My senior year was spent surrounded by a loving, encouraging Dobbs family,” said Nicole. Some of her closest friendships she maintains today were formed at Dobbs.

Nicole completed her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis. “I was pre-med and a literature major. It was a lot of hard work, because I wanted to be a doctor and I loved literature and writing. My teachers at Dobbs had certainly prepared me!”

Nicole realized her goal of becoming a doctor, graduating from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1993. She is now a gynecologist, practicing in Maryland. Her husband of 25 years, Joseph Osheroff, is a fertility specialist and they have three wonderful sons, Sam, Daniel and Nathan.

When Nicole and her husband made their estate plans, there was “no question” she would include a gift to Masters. “After providing for our children, my husband and I wanted to recognize the organizations and institutions that helped us achieve our dreams,” said Nicole. “Tzedakah (charity) is one of the foundations of how we live and we are teaching our sons this obligation.”

“I want to see Masters continue to enrich students’ lives and help them achieve their dreams long after I am gone,” Nicole shared. “I’m proud to make Masters a part of my family’s legacy.”

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